Become a MYPAY Agent


  • You gain additional income
  • You attract more customers to your business
  • You can sell your own goods efficiently through MYPAY
  • You help people in Myanmar to transfer money fast, quick and save
  • You have the chance to be trained in our agent-training program (include. Agent of the month price).


If you want to become our agent just contact us at

Agent Activities

Our agents perform the following services for customers:

  • Cash in: Turn customerĀ“s cash into digital money
  • Cash out: Turn customerĀ“s digital money into cash
  • Advise the customers if they have any questions

Agent of the month

The “Agent of the month” award is a great additional benefit for you. We will choose the agent of the month based on customer satisfaction. The prizes will be announced soon and your store will get an award which improves your store reputation even more!