Start Using MYPAY soon

There is only a few steps till you can use your mobile money:

  • Download the MYPAY app at the Play Store (link will be provided when available here)
  • Register your MYPAY mobile wallet
  • Use the app option “Agent locations ” to find a cash in point
  • Go to an agent nearby and turn your cash into digital money
  • Send money to a friend. Your friend then can easily cash out at any agent near him/her

Payment Services

Social Media Payments

Our partnership with MYSQUAR allows MYCHAT users to transfer money when using the chat tool. You can also transfer money through Facebook, Viber and other Social Media platforms.

How can I send money?

  • Open the MYPAY app and select payment option “Send Money”
  • Choose Social Media platform and select your friend
  • Type in the amount of money you want to transfer
  • Enter your passcode

Your friend will receive a notification of the transfer.

social media payment

QR-Code Payments

You can also pay via Quick-Response-Codes. MYPAY users can generate and scan QR-Codes. The QR payment method is very efficient and easy to use.

How can I send money?

  • Open MYPAY app and tap on the “QR” icon
  • Type in the amount of money and generate QR-Code
  • Enter your passcode

Your friend or agent has to tap on the “QR” icon and select the option “Receive money”. Then he/she can scan the QR-code on your phone and the money is transferred.

QR code payment

NFC Payments

The MYPAY app can also make Near-Field-Communication payments. This is very beneficial for buying items in shops because of the super fast paying process

How can I send money?

  • Enable the NFC feature on your phone
  • Tap your phone on the NFC signal receiver
NFC Payment

Benefit For You

Our mobile payment system allows you to send money to other people or request money from other people. You can use our services conveniently anywhere at any time! The MYPAY services save you a lot of money, time and effort. Splitting bills between your friends or sending money home to your family has never been that easy and quick!