Frequently Asked Questions


You just need to download the MYPAY application and register. The app be available soon.
You can download the MYPAY app from 'Play store' for Android and 'Apple store' for iOS.
You need your ID, phone number and address.
You need to deposit digital money in your phone.
You go to one of our MYPAY agents and transfer your money on your MYPAY account.


You can easily transfer money through social media and mobile payment.
You can use all MYPAY agents to cash out.
You can easily check your transaction history.
No, a bank account is not necessary for opening a MYPAY account.
Yes, you need a smartphone and internet access to use the MYPAY app.
Yes, the person will receive a notification.
Yes, the limit is 50,000MMK per transaction and 200,000MMK per day for P2P.
You just have to enter the MYPAY app menu and change the passcode.

Customer Service Issues

(For Example: Change of mobile number, Stealing of smartphone, Forgetting of passcode, Over/Underpaying a transaction, Sending money to a wrong or old number)
Just contact the MYPAY customer service!


It is a 100% safe. Our mobile wallet provider has had zero fraud in 15 years operations.
No, unless they know your passcode.